We are committed to ensuring access to
nutritious food for every New Yorker.



Food Rescue Operations at New York City Housing Authority complexes.



Retail partners that previously threw away their excess food are now recurring food donors, benefitting both their business and the community.


Number of meals delivered

>800,000 meals

Partnered with GetFoodNYC to route


surplus meal bags to community fridges



meals distributed to NYCHA developments and community groups throughout the city, in partnership with New York State’s Restaurant Resiliency Program.



mutual aid groups we’ve partnered with citywide to amplify their efforts to expand nutritious food for members of their communities.

4,000,000 pounds


We have delivered over 4,000,000 pounds of shelf stable food to individuals and families coping with food insecurity in NYC.

Food Recipients

We expand nutritious food access through partnerships with public housing tenant associations and mutual aid groups in areas with high food insecurity. By rescuing excess food from local businesses and collaborating with food justice NGOs, we can make food security a way of life for all New Yorkers.


NYCHA Dyckman Houses

In April 2021, the NYCHA Dyckman Houses Tenant Association, which advocates for 2000+ residents, contacted us about establishing a community fridge and food rescue operations to help tenants who cope with food insecurity daily.


In partnership with the Dyckman Houses Tenant Association, we have rescued and distributed more than 100,000 pounds of nutritious food from dozens of food retailers, NGOs, and individual donors. The community fridge has also raised awareness, which has spurred local retailers to consitently donate their excess food.


We continue to work with community stakeholders and food retailers to rescue additional excess food in and around Inwood. We are also implementing wellness programs, including quarterly health screenings, holiday gift drives, and community baby showers.

NYCHA George Washington Houses

The success of the Dyckman Houses Community Fridge caught the attention of the NYCHA George Washington Houses Tenant Association. In 2021, Gotham donated a commercial fridge and immediately began working with them to source food.


To date, the GW Houses have received over 350,000 pounds of nutritious food. Regular donors include Jokrs Grocery Delivery, Amazon, Trader Joe’s, Breads Bakery, By The Way Bakery, and produce deliveries from Hunts Point Market.


The success of our food rescue operations at the GW Houses has increased resident engagement, thus allowing Gotham Food Pantry and the tenant association to reach out to more local businesses for additional food donations.

If you would like to work with us to set up a food rescue operation in your community, we want to hear from you.

Food Donors

We expand nutritious food access through partnerships with public housing tenant associations and mutual aid groups in areas with high food insecurity. By rescuing excess food from local businesses and collaborating with food justice NGOs, we can make food security a way of life for all New Yorkers.


Genji Sushi (Whole Foods)

Genji, the largest sushi provider to Whole Foods, makes high-quality, beloved sushi rolls every day. But, whatever went unsold was thrown out at the end of the day. We knew there was a better way.

We partnered with Food Donation Connection, Whole Foods national food donation liaison, and began rescuing sushi from five Manhattan Whole Foods locations.


Each store yields 20 to 40 excess meals per day, which are now feeding 100 to 200 people daily.


In the coming months, additional Whole Foods / Genji sushi rescues will be available and Gotham will be leading the charge to get these incredible meals to those who need it most.

Schaller & Weber

Famed Upper East Side butcher Schaller & Weber used to destroy close to 10,000 pounds of high-quality frozen meat each year because they had nowhere to donate it.

The large food rescue organizations could not accomodate a once /year donation, and local pantries could not handle the quantity. This is where Gotham Food Pantry was able to help.


We coordinated the delivery of 10,000 pounds of meat to the Dyckman Houses in Inwood, where it was distributed among residents in under 90 minutes. And, Schaller & Weber received tax benefits for their donation.


This donation now occurs twice per year. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Schaller & Weber.

Are you a food retailer interested in donating your excess food to fellow New Yorkers in need? Please contact us to get involved.

What people say

As a lifelong New Yorker, I never realized that so many people, including many of my friends and neighbors, experience food insecurity on a daily basis. The pandemic opened my eyes and made me see that there is a huge need to help the people of this city with the most essential resource in the world: food. That is why the Dyckman Houses are so grateful for the commitment and generosity of Gotham Food Pantry. Since starting our partnership with Gotham, residents and neighbors of the Dyckman Houses have received over 20,000 pounds of meat, over 100,000 pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables, and over 25,000 prepared meals. Fresh bread and canned goods are delivered on a weekly basis. There is enough food in this city to feed every resident a hundred times over. Gotham Food Pantry is building a better, healthier, more equitable New York City one meal at a time.

Feesa James, Treasurer, Dyckman Houses Tenant Association

Partnering with Gotham Food Pantry has brought a reliable food source to George Washington Houses and the surrounding community of East Harlem. We now have access to healthy, free food sources 24 hours a day. This is a trusted resource that does not require people to wait in long lines or fill out endless paperwork. It also allows our community to expand their palate by introducing new foods that would otherwise be cost prohibitive. The food donors are aiding their community as well as the environment, with less food ending up in landfills. Beyond the healthy food we receive, our community fridge fosters a sense of community that works together to meet the needs of the people. It offers volunteer opportunities to youth and others alike. We have a community of neighbors helping neighbors, which unites and builds trust with one another through a healthy and reliable food source.

Claudia Perez, President, Washington Houses Executive Board

Gotham Food Pantry goes above and beyond to connect community fridges with vital opportunities to bring large-scale food donations directly to their neighbors. When Gotham became our fiscal sponsor, we were able to increase our capacity and better serve our community; Gotham alone has facilitated upwards of 50,000 pounds of food into the Classon Community Fridge. Doug supports the Classon Community Fridge as if it were his own, he is thoughtful, transparent, and overall a joy to collaborate with. The Classon Community Fridge is very lucky to have such a steadfast partner in Gotham Food Pantry—we are looking forward to continuing this vital work together!

Caroline Flynn and Molly Weilbacher, Classon Community Fridge

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